A few Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Auctions

Online auction websites have changed the system in which buyers acquire their products. Online users can engage in the online auction from any country at the time the auction will take place and users are normally notified beforehand. Just with a terminal and wifi connection, the user can bid for products online at cheaper rates by partaking in online auction. The online auction has plenty of advantages as well as few disadvantages which we will go into depth about below.

Advantages of online auction


A bidder can engage in auction from just about anywhere at any time through online auction websites but only once you have signed up or a registered user. There is no restriction, when regarding the time, place, or person to conduct online auction sales. Bidders can take part in auction from home, office or even a restaurant with an internet connection available using their computer or mobile phone.

Time & Money Saving

Purchasing products online through an online auction website saves time and money. This great method cuts out travelling time to get the product as all products can be safely delivered to your address or place of work, whatever may suit you best. Just signing into your profile on the auction website and making your bids has made buying online safer in every way you look at it.

Compare Prices

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing on an online auction site is that you can do your own research regarding prices and which is the most affordable price that suits your budget. This helps online shoppers get the best for their cash and getting the best quality at the same time. It only makes sense to be a part of this easy way to purchase products online.

Disadvantages of online auction

Anonymous Bidder

Since online auctions do not sell products face to face, it can be difficult in identifying bidders. The auctioneer company can’t have a sold hold on bidders, besides the profile created to make online purchases. This means that all bidders are unidentified.

Product Genuineness

Being able to only view your product picture online when bidding, can be somewhat dissatisfying when it comes to the quality and originality of the product. Everyone when purchasing a product would prefer to make sure it is in perfect working order, as some online auction websites do not support refunds once purchased.

Fake Websites

Some illegal live auction website may sometimes be fraudulent which sells fake products which will never be delivered but will take your money. The product description and actual product may differ or sometimes all may be in order even the prices but other times the product delivered may not be the product that was placed for auction leading to mayhem.

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