Auction Tips for Beginners

An auction house is one of the oldest methods for buying and selling valuable antiques. In many communities, people are attracted to the hype and excitement of an auctioneer’s auction house. It’s therefore the perfect environment to sell your valuable antiques to interested buyers.

Because most people don’t completely understand auctions people assume selling at an auction is a complicated process, but it’s really fairly simple. Below is a quick breakdown of how to sell at an auction.


Auction houses are a suitable option for selling a wide range of valuable antiques, such as art work & collectables, sculptures, glassware, militaria, jewellery, watches, memorabilia and much more.

Most sellers have quite the surprise when they discover their antiques are worth far more than they would have ever expected.

Some may have seen or heard the newspaper articles about it, the story of someone who took an unknown item found in the storage room to be valued and discovered it was worth a small fortune. If you have an old item laying around and taking up space, you should have it looked at, you could be sitting on a valuable treasure!

Get a Valuation

Most auction houses have to have a committed valuation team, so getting your goods looked at is easy and simple as you don’t have to do anything. Valuations are normally setup by the department and it would be a good idea in trying a few auction houses to get the best amount for your goods.

Few Ways Valuation Happen;

  • Take your valuable goods along to be looked at, by a well-established auction houses offer dedicated drop-in sessions, with professionals on hand to look at your valuable items.
  • Email or message a detailed description of your valuables with as many points as possible to your local auction house and don’t forget to snap a picture or two, that is clear enough for the valuation team This is an easy and simple way to get a good idea of whether it’s worth taking the goods in to be looked at further.


For professional assistance in getting your valuable items in our auction online, visit Bryanston Auctioneers today. We would gladly assist you with all your items available.

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