Characteristics of a good Auctioneer

Auctioneering has evolved since the times of stock and station where auctions were quick, bids were difficult to follow and no one could understand what the auctioneer was saying. The unique chant, pace and rhythm that was unique to stock and station is now a thing of the past. The modern property auctioneer is required to have a divergent set of abilities and salesmanship to achieve good outcomes come auction day.

The modern day property auctioneer needs to be many things, particularly with the internet and other online sharing spaces allowing merchants to conduct their own research to deduce which auctioneer is right for them. Often, auctioneers can judge for themselves in a single click on YouTube whether an auctioneer knows their stuff or if they are sonorous in their sales method.

A question that is frequently asked is what makes a good auctioneer. After some research, we’ve concluded that the greatest auctioneers share the following three attributes:

  1. Excellent communication skills

Auctioneers form a strong connection in the sales process so good ones have developed to accommodate both the buyers’ and the sellers’ needs. First and foremost, auctioneers must be incredible communicators. They must be able to incorporate a relevant third party to the process, build a relationship with the crowd and read buyers’ body language. This is particularly important as auctioneers need to be able to easily determine when it’s a good time to push for higher bids or to let the crowd take a break during the auction. The best auctioneers are also prepared to get involved in negotiations on the auction floor and interact face to face with buyers.

Auctioneering has become a specialist profession within the real estate sector. The best auctioneers are calling more than 400 auctions a year, which makes them a great source of information in all sorts of markets. This knowledge also helps when communicating market conditions to any vendor and is valuable in setting the property up for success on auction day.

  1. Showmanship

The days of taking bids and simply repeating numbers are no longer. The modern-day auctioneer is an entertainer, expected to put on a show for buyers and set the tone for the auction. A talented auctioneer employ their charisma and personality to generate excitement, encourage bidding and smoothly command the attention of the crowd. Good auctioneers often also use humour to engage with and put bidders at ease, and commonly have trademark lines in their back pocket to get the bids flowing.

  1. Confidence

If an auctioneer seems nervous, talks too quickly or mumbles, buyers will not be enthused with confidence and will hold back their bids. For this reason, the very best auctioneers create the impression that they’re confident, in control and that they’re essentially there to help buyers. Remember, the greatest auctioneers radiate confidence – not arrogance.

It can be quite challenging to strike the perfect balance between being assertive and not aggressive as an auctioneer. You definitely want to avoid being an overly vehement auctioneer. Buyers are often anxious and wary enough when attending an auction, where the added strain and stress of an intimidating auctioneer can turn them off from raising their hand completely. So the most skilled auctioneers are confident and assertive just enough to encourage buyers to make their best offer to maximise the sale price for the vendor without resorting to intimidation or coercion.

The modern-day auctioneer is confident, entertaining, assertive and, above all else, a great communicator. The best ones also make it look easy and have fun with it.

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