Top Tips for your next auction

Whether you are a bargain hunter, a budding auctioneer or are simply looking for a solid deal, auctions are a great way to get what you want at less of a cost. Yet these events are fraught with etiquette and opportunities for possible blunders which could leave you in the unpleasant situation of being unsatisfied, broke, or both. Actions require a discerning eye, no small amount of competitiveness, and of course, the ability to stick closely to your allotted budget. So, follow these tips the next time you’re in the mood for bidding, and you will likely get what your heart desires without having to have it broken.

Automate Online Bids
In the digital age, online auctions are becoming more and more popular by the day, and digital bidding is a little different to in-house ones. One of their greatest advantages is that they let you set up automatic bidding on goods that you are interested in, allowing you to set your minimum and maximum bids without losing more than you hoped to spend.

Wear a Poker Face
It is important to keep your emotions in check, if you show excitement at the prospect of a bid, you will only galvanise your competition to step up their game, making things more difficult for yourself. So keep it cool and don’t leak your strategy out to your fellow attendees. With this said, it is also important not to get involved in a bidding war. Sure, the competition might be fun, but at the end of the day if you win, you will likely pay far more than you should have for your purchase.

Determine your Maximum Budget
You should have a maximum budget set both for the auction as a whole, or for any single piece you might end up bidding for. Though more importantly (and more difficultly) is actually sticking to it amongst the throng of capitalist excitement in the air. Keep your head about you though, and you will come home with money and purchases.

Strike While the Iron is Hot
There is no time to act on a bid after the hammer has fallen. Single items go quickly when on display, so don’t take too much time tossing the thought over in your mind. Bid when the time is right, and take care not to blurt out your maximum bid before you need to. Follow the increments as they are set by the auctioneer.

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